Carrie (1976)

movie scared the fuck outa me

Flowers dipped in liquid nitrogen and then smashed.

13-2e (2013)Gouache & ballpoint pen on paper21 x 27 cm


Today would have been Mr Rogers’ 84th birthday.  Thanks for showing me how to rock a cardigan and always been a kind neighbor.  
true story:
one time some dudes stole mr. rogers’s car, and it got into the news, like you’d expect
the next day the car was back where he’d left it with a note that said “we’re so sorry, we never would’ve taken it if we’d known it was yours”
I like to think they recognized this as a sign from god and turned their lives around
another true story: mr. rogers lobbied in favor of vcrs back when the tv and movie industries were against them, because he wanted families to be able to record shows and watch them together
he was always, always thinking about children, letting them know it’s okay to be sad or scared or mad and how to deal with it, letting them know there’s at least one person in the world who loves them just the way they are
and no matter who you were, no matter why you crossed his path, he wanted to know about your life and understand you and be your friend
I believe he is a for-real saint and I wish I could be more like him but it’s okay, I know he loves me just the way I am

James Brown by Dennis Hopper 1966

(Source: frenchtwist)